(Kalyz, and tame, a section or cut; calyx looks as if cut off). Leguminbsw. Low, spiny, divaricate shrubs: lvs.3-foliolate, deciduous: fls. papilio naceous, yellow, fascicled or in short racemes; ca] '1 truncate, obscurely denticulate. Four species in the Mediterranean region, of which two are sometimes culti vated ; not hardy north. They prefer a sunny position and well drained soil. For prop., see Cytiaua. vino», Link. Two—4 ft.: branchlets grayish tomen tose: leaflets obovate, densely silky beneath, under ‘/gin. long: fls. %in. long, 3 or more, fascicled : pod villous. May, June.—lt is excellent for dense, low hedges. lplnola, Link. Closely allied, but somewhat larger in every part, and with glabrous branchlets and pods : fls. solitary or few. B.R. 32: 55. ALFRED REHDEE