(from the Greek goddess, whose name sig nifies concealment ; referring to its rarity and beauty). Orchiddcezr. One of our rarest and most prized native orchids, a delicate bog-plant, 3-4 in. high, with a small bulb, one ronndish or ovate, striated leaf, and one pink flower with a spotted sac. A monotypic genus. For culture, see Oalopogon; but more diflicult to grow than that plant. borealil,"Salisb. Fig. 326. Leaf an inch wide and long: scape 3-4 in. high, with about 3 sheaths : sepsis and petals similar, ascending, lanceolate, acnminate, pink: lip larger than the rest of the 11.. with brown spots in ines and purple and yellow markings, woolly hairy within : column petal-like, ovate, bearing the lid like anther just below the apex. Maine to lllinn. and 1\'.; also En. Abundant in parts of Oregon and Washing ton. B.M. 2763.