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Campanula (Bellflowers)

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Campanula (Bellflowers)

(From the Latin campanula, a little bell)

English Names: Carpathian harebell, Bellflower.

Large, erect, purple-blue cup-shaped flowers an inch and a half across, carried on delicate branching stems six to twelve inches high. Leaves pointed-oval, somewhat heart-shaped, with wavy edges, forming very neat and dainty clumps; persistent. Unexcelled for the rock garden or for edging the herbaceous border, good also for cutting.

A hardy perennial of easy culture, especially in the Northern States, in any rich, well-drained garden soil. Prefers sun. Propagate by seed, cuttings, or by division. Var. turbindta (Turban bellflower). Dwarfer and more compact than the type, with purplish blue flowers more bellshaped and often two inches across, largerleaves, and less erect habit.

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