(akanlhos, thorn). Acanlhdcew. BlAR's
BREECH. Mostly hardy herbaceous perennials of vigorous growth and broad foliage, suitable for backgrounds of borders and subtropical effects. The acanthus leaf is one of the commonest of art forms. The ornamentation of the Corinthian column is said to have been suggested by A. spinosux. Height 3-4 ft.: spikes 1-1%ft. long;fls. dull white to rose or purplish. Mostly southern Europe. A. mollis may have suggested the more conven tionalized acanthus leaf of Roman architecture. Must be deeply mulched N. in winter. They need a rich, light,
well-drained soil and much sunshine. Excessive moisture
is fatal, especially in winter and spring. Fall-planted
stock should always be protected for the winter by long

13. Acanthus spinosilllmul. H. Auinthul moills.
litter or evergreen boughs, even where established plants
are hardy. Prop. by division in spring or early autumn,
End by 5°9d9- Cult. by J . B. Kenna.
A. Lrs. spiny.
spinosissimus, Desf. Fig. 13. Lvs. dark green, pin natelyparted; spines glistening: fis.mfrequent; autumn;
spikes loose, pilose or giabrescent: spines of the bracts
spinosul, Linn. Lvs. lanccolate. pinnatifid, pubescent; spines short, whitish: tis. smaller than in the last; sum mer ; spikes dense, slightly villous. B. M. 1808. Go.
8: 147. AA. I/cs. not spiny.
mollis, Linn. Fig. 14. Lvs. 2 x 1 ft., cordate, sinuately
pinnatiild, mostly radical: ils. summer; spikes loose, pu bescent. Gn. 52, . 239.—Also recommended as awindow plant. Var. latilo 'us, Hort.(A. latilolius, Hort. A . Lusi
tdnicus, Hort.) is larger and hardier. Gn. 1, p. 303.
longiiolius, Poir. Lvs. radical, longer and narrower than in A. mollis, bright green: fls. June.—Though said to be a stove species in Eu., it is the hardi<-at of all at
Cambridge, Mass.
.4. Cdroli-Alerdndri, Hnusskn. D-18111. Lvs. few, radical, in alux rosette,lanceolate,spiny; spikedense. Grecce.—.4. cardin foliua. Linn.=- Blepharis carduifolia.-A. an-aroma (Dillvaria ilicifolia, Juss.). Smooth greenhouse sub-shrub with leaves re
sembling Ilex aquifolium, the Eu. Holly. Prop. by cuttings underglnss. E.Asia.—A.montdnua.'l‘. Anders. Lvs.pinnatifld or sinnate-lpinose. W. Afr. 18.51.5518. Stove species.