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(a geographical name). Passiflordcea. Papaw. Small trees, mostly with unbranched trunks, the juice milky. Leaves near the top of the trunk, alternate, large and variously lobed, soft, long-stalked: plant usually dioecious: flowers. in racemes from the leaf-axils, the staminate funnel-shaped and bearing 10 anthers on the throat, the pistillate larger and with 5 distinct petals and 1 pistil with 5-rayed stigma. There are about 20 species, in tropical America. They have somewhat the aspect of palms. Under glass in frosty countries, the common C. Papaya is frequent, and is grown for its foliage and interesting habit. In frostless countries, this species is grown for its fruit, which is oblong or egg shaped, a foot or so long, orange - yellow when ripe, thick-skinned, with many small black seeds. The young fruit is cooked and eaten, and the ripe fruit is eaten by natives.

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