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Cedrela Sinénsis (Chinese Cedrela)

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Cedrela Sinénsis (Chinese Cedrela)

Tree, to 50 ft.: lvs. long petioled, 10-20 in. long; lfts. 10-22, oblong or oblong lanceolate, acuminate, slightly and remotely serrate, 4-8 in. long: fls. white, in very long, pendulous ra cemes: fr. oblong or obo vate, about 1 in. long.

Ornamental tree, with large, feathery foliage; very valu able for avenues; similar to Ailanthus, and nearly of the same hardiness, but of more regular and dense growth, and without the disagreeable odor \vhen flowering. Allan thus can be easily (listin guished by the few coarse teeth near the base of the lfts., each bearing a large gland beneath.

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