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Centaurea (Knapweeds)

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Centaurea (Knapweeds)

Centaurea montana

English Names: Perennial cornflower, Mountain bluet, Bluebottle, Bachelor's

buttons, Blue bonnets, Mountain knapweed, Corn centaury, Break-yourspectacles.

Large, flat blue flowers which turn purple as they grow old, two or more inches in diameter, resembling the cornflower, profusely carried on erect unbranching stems one to two feet high. The leaves are pointed-oval and, when young, downy white. Compact dwarf plants, good for the herbaceous border and for cutting. A hardy perennial of easy culture in any good garden soil. Prefers sun. Var. alba. Similar to the type with white flowers. Excellent though sometimes rather grayish in color. Var. rosea. Similar to the type, rose-colored flowers. Var. citrlna (sul phur ed). Flowers yellow with brown centres, not so good as the type.

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