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Chelone (Balmony)

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Chelone (Balmony)

(From the Greek cfulone, a tortoise, in allusion to the resemblance of the flower to a reptile's head)

Chelone Lyonii

English Names: Balmony, Turtle head, Turtle bloom, Shell flower, Bitter

herb, Cod head, Fish mouth, Snake head.

Curiously shaped, rosy-purple flowers in dense, showy, terminal and axillary spikes, borne over two feet high on thickly growing stalks. Leaves handsome, deep green, glossy, elongated, heart-shaped, largest at base of plant; persistent. A profusely blooming plant which forms thick clumps. Excellent for planting in moist situations and in the herbaceous border. A hardy perennial of easy culture in good garden soil, preferably rich and moist. Prefers partial shade. In the ordinary border the roots should be covered during the growing season with a heavy mulch, four or five inches thick, of well-rotted manure. This will feed the surface roots and protect the plant from drought. Propagate by seed, cuttings, or by division in the spring.

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