Cultivated tree Cherries have probably sprung from two European species, Prunua At-ium, Linn., and Prwnus Cerasus, Linn. The domesticated forms of Prnmus A1-ium are charac terized by a tall, erect growth (Fig. 426); reddish brown, glossy bark, which separates in rings; flowers generally in clusters on lateral spurs, appearing with the limp. gradually taper-pointed leaves; fruit red, yel low, or black, generally sweet, spher ical, heart—sha ed, or pointed; flesh soft or flrm. our Cherries are low headed and spreading (Fig. 427); flowers in clusters from lateral buds, appearing before the hard,stiff,rather abruptly pointed, light or grayish green leaves. The following is the latest classification (Bailey, Bull. 98, Cornell Exp. Sta.)