(Greek, snow, offspring; referring to the snow-white berries). Ericdcew. Trailing evergreen, with small alternate lvs. and inconspicuous axillary fls.; corolla. 4-cleft; stamens 8, included : berry white, hir sute. Two species in the colder regions of N. Amer. and Japan. Slender trailing evergreens, in appearance much like the cranberry, rarely cultivated. Thriving best in moist and peaty soil, in a shaded position, creeping amongst growing moss. Prop. by seeds, by division or by cuttings in August under glass. The American spe cies, C. hispidu1a,Torr. & Gray ( 0. an-p_1/llifdlia. Salisb.), has hirsute branches and ovate, %—%in.-long ciliate lvs. and greenish white fls. Au-RED R1,-_HDER_