(Greek for snow and flower; allud ing to the abundance of snow-white fls.). Oledcew. Fumes Tans. Shrubs or low trees, with deciduous, op posite and entire lvs.: fls. in loose panicles from lateral buds at the end of last year’s branches, white ; corolla divided nearly to the base in 4 narrow petals ; stamens 2. short : fr. a 1-seeded oval drupe Two species in E. N. Amer. and China. Ornamental shrubs, with large, dark green foliage, and very showy white fls. in early summer. The American species is almost hardy north, but requiring a somewhat sheltered position; the Chinese may be more tender, but it thrives in W. New York. They thrive best in a somewhat moist and sandy loam, and in a sunny position. Prop. by seeds sown in fall or stratified; increased also by layers and by grafting under glass or budding in the open air on ash seedlings (in Europe Frazinus Ornus is preferred); sometimes by cuttings from forced plants in early spring. Virginicll, Linn. Fig. 438. Large shrub or slender tree, to 30 ft.: lvs. oval or oblong, acuminate, pubes cent beneath when young, mostly glabrous at length, 4-8 in. long: panicles 4-6 in. long, penduions; petals 1 in. long: fr. dark blue, oval, 1 in. long. May, June. From Penn. to Fla. and Tex. L.B.C. 13: 1264. Gt. 16:564. Mn.2:154. G.F.7:325.—Variable in shape and pubes cence of the lvs.,and several varieties have been dis tinguished, but none of them sufliciently distinct for horticultural uses. Handsome shrubs. (1. retake, Lindl.(C. Chlnen sis, Max). Lvs. obovate, ob tuse or acute. sometimes emarginate: petals shorter and broader, oblong; panicles more compact, shorter and erect. China. P.F.G. 3, p. 85. G.C. II. ‘.L'i:821. Gt. 35, p. 667. A.G.13:374. Mn.2:15'7. G.F. 7:327‘? A.G. 20:107. Aarmzn REHDER.