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Chlidanthus, (delicate flower, from the Greek). Amaryllidacea.

Two or three South American bulbs, flowering in advance of the leaves. Allied to Zephyranthes. Flowers yellow, in a small umbel, terminating a solid scape, long-tubed, with wide-spreading segments. Leaves long and strap-shaped.

C. fragrans: Herb, is the species in cultivation. It bears fragrant flowers, 3-4 inches long, in summer, on scapes 15-18 inches high. It is increased by oil sets or by seeds. The bulbs should be kept dry and cool during winter and in spring started in a moderately warm house.

After flowering, care must be taken to have the bulbs make their annual growth. They may either be grown in pots plunged in ashes, or planted out where they can be watered occasionally during dry weather. Like other similar plants, they will benefit by a mulching of spent hops or rotted manure.

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