COLLINSONIA (after Peter Collinson, the friend of Linnieus and John Bartram,a.most interesting man). Lubidtw. HORSE-BALM. Hoasr.-warn. Srosa-noor.
A genus of 4 species confined to Atlantic N. Amer. Hardy perennial herbs with large, odorous, ovate, ser rate, mostly long-stalked lvs., thick roots, and simple or
panicled, naked, terminal racemes of yellow or whitish fls. The following is of the easiest culture and may be
obtained from dealers in native plants:
Oanadénsis, Linn. Height 2-4 ft.; lvs. 4-9 in. long, broadly ovate to oblong . racemes pani
cled : calyx in ti. 1 line, in fr. 4 or 5 lines long: corolla lemon - yellow, lemon - scented, $6 in. long. Rich woods, Can ada toWis., and south to Florida.