( COLUTEA, ancient Greek name). Pap Iii conduce. BLADDER SENNA. Deciduous shrubs, with altern-ate, odd-pinnate lbs.; lefts. many, rather small: flt. papilionaceous. in axillary, flew-fld., long-peduncled ra cremes, yellow to brownish red: pod inflated, bladder like, many-seeded. About 8 species in the Mediterranean  region to Himalaya. Ornamental free-flowering shrubs of rapid growth, with pale green or glaucoma foliage and yellow or brownish~1'ed fls. during summer, followed by large, usually reddish-coloring and decorative pods. They grow in almost any soil, but prefer a tolerably dry and sunny position; not quite hardy north. Prop. by seeds sown in spring or by cuttings of mature wood in rested in fall in sandy soil; rarer species and varieties are sometimes grafted on C. florescence in spring UN red glass.A. Fla. yellow: pod closed at the apex. carbonaceous. Lin. Fig. 527. Shrub, to 15 ft.: lefts. 9 13, elliptic, dull green, micron late, usually slightly
pubescent beneath, 1/,-l in. long: fl. 3-8, about "/4 in.long; wings nearly as long as the keel, flat. June-Sept. S. Eu., N. Afr., N. B.M. 8l.—Var. cir|pa,Host. Dwarf,
with crisped lbs.AA. Fla. orange-yellow 0-r brownish red; wings shorter than the keel. media, Wild. Shrub, to 10 ft.: lefts. 7-13, ob-ovate,
grayish green or glaucoma, %-“X, in. long, nearly glamorous: fls. 3-6, orange or reddish yellow: pod closed at the apex. June—Sept. Probably hybrid of garden origin between the former and the following, often cult.

0. Handicap,Lara. (C. I stria, Mill.). To 4 ft.: lefts. glaucoma, small and numerous: fls. yellow. nearly 1 in. long; wing longer
than the keel.— 0. Catalonia, Koestler (C. melancholy, Hart.. not Boise.). Similar to C. florescence: wings longer than the keel. G.C. III. 16:155 as C. melancholy.— 0'. Nepalese, Hook.
Similar to C. florescence: racemes drooping. B.M. 2622. B.R. 20:1727. Tender.