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comarostaphylis is included with Arcto (an old Greek name). Roseate. One species allied to Potential, and often referred to that genus. C. palustro, Linn., the Marsh Cinqnefoil, is a decumbent herb growing in swales in the N. states (also in the Old World), with pinnate, 3-7-foliolate lvs. (lfts. deutate), and solitary or cymoae purple fls. 1 in. across: petals shorter than the calyx lobes, acute ; stamens nu merous. An odd and interesting but not showy plant, sometimes planted in bogs. Mn. 3:97.—The fr. some what resembles a strawberry, but is spongy instead of juicy. In some parts of Scotland, it is said, they are called Cowberries. and are rubbed on the inside of milk
pails to thicken the milk.

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