Many tropical shrubs and trees in Asia, Africa and America, particularly in S. Africa. Many of them are climbers, by means of the persistent leafstalks. Les. mostly opposite, entire: ls. in spikes, polygamous ; calyx bell-shaped ;
petals usually 4; stamens usually 8: fr. winged and in descent, 1-seeded. The Arboretums are farmhouse plants, little known in this country, Prop. by cuttings of firm wood. One climbing species is in the Amer. trade:
0. ooocineum, Lam. (C. purpfireum. Vahl. Poivrea coc cinea, DC.), from Mada
gascar. Lvs. oblong-lan
ceolate, acuminate, ever green: fls.small,brilliant
red, with long-exserted stamens, the handsome
loose spikes often in pan ioles ; parts of the H. in 5's. B.M. 2102. L.B.C.
6: 563.—Handsome.