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(Greek name referring to the fetid odor of the plants).  Rubiaceae.  Shrubs or small trees, often trailing, of New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.  Cult. For their pretty fr. Or variegated lvs.  Lvs. Opposite, mostly small. Fls. Small, solitary or fascicled, white or greenish, polygamous dioecious; corolla-limb 4-6 -lobed, the lobes revolute; stamens 4-6: fr. an ovoid or globose drupe. 

Coprosmas are greenhouse plants in the north, but they are rarely cult.  In S. Calif. 2 species are cult. In the open.  Prop. by hardened cuttings.  The soil which is found among Kalmia roots, mixed with good loam and sand, if necessary, will suit these plants.  Cuttings should be rooted in moderate heat in spring before growth commences.  If placed under a hand light or propagating frame, care must be taken to prevent damping, to which the cuttings are liable.  

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