COREOPSIS (Greek, signifying bug~like, from the fruit). (,'omp6s1'lw. TICKSEED. Annual or perennial herbs, flowering in summer and autumn. Nearly all na tives of eastern N. Amer. Lvs. either opposite or alter nate: heads pedunculate and radiate; the broad in volucre with bracts of two kinds, the outer narrower and
greener, receptacle chafly; rays very showy, yellow particolored or rarely rose, neutral: disk fls. yellow, brown or dark. The genus differs from Bidens only in the broad, flat and winged akenes, with short or obso lete pappus. Many of the species are in the trade under the name Calliopsis. All the kinds are of easiest cul
ture. The perennials are hardy border plants. The an nuals are raised in any garden soil, and bloom freely with little care. They are all showy plants.