CUNNIRGHAIIIA (after J. Cunningham, botanical collector, who discovered this Conifer 1702 in China). Conifem. Tree, with stout trunk and verticillate, spreading branches, pendulous at the extremities: lvs.linear-lanceolate, rigid, densely spirally arranged and 2-rowed in direction: fls. monoacious; staminate oblong, pistillate globose, in small clusters at the end of the branches: cones roundish-ovate, 1-2 in. long, with round ish-ovate, serrate and pointed, coriaceous scales, each with 3 narrow-winged seeds at the base. One species, in China. A very decorative Conifer for wanner temperate regions, much resembling the Araucaria Brasiliensia. It prefers ahalt-shaded position and sandy and loamy, humid soil.