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with a fissure in front; staminodium spatulitorm. May and June. Newfoundland to N.C., west to Ind., Mich. and Minn. G.W.F. 11. A.G. 13:514; 14:405. Gng.
4:263. A.F. 11:1049. G.W.F.A. 11.
 BB. Foliage of two lvs. above the ground.
41. elegans, Reichb. 1. Plant about 4 in. high: lvs. opposite, borne on an elongated annual stem: upper sepal narrowly ovate, veined with reddish brown; petals lanceolate, similar in color to the sepals; labellum brownish, corrugated ; staminode elliptic. July. Sikkim.- Probably not in cultivation in this country.
42. -Taponicum, Thunb. Lvs. nearly opposite, roundish, undulately plicate: bract longer than the ovary, fl. terminating the scape: sepals and petals lanceolate, acuminate, greenish, dotted with red; labellum white-pink; staminodium cordate, channeled. April, May. Japan.
  BBB. Foliage of several or many lvs. on the stem.
 C. Lower sepal divided.

43. arietinum, R. Brown. Plant about 6 in. high, slender: lvs. lanceolate: fls. small, terminal, solitary; upper sepal ovate-lanceolate, brownish green ; petals linear; labellum tapering at the apex, white veined with reddish purple, clothed with white, woolly hairs near the aperture ; staminodium nearly round. May. Maine to
N. Y., Mich. and Minn., and northward. B.M. 1569. L.B.C. 13:1240. F.S. 20:2095.-Fls. curiously irregular in shape, resembling a ram’s head.

44. Himalaicum, Rolfe. Plant 8-12 in. high: lvs. 3, elliptic-oblong: upper sepal ovate, brownish, with deeper colored veins; petals narrow, oblong, paler than the upper sepal; labellum purple-brown, many-nerved; staminode heart-shape. July. Bhotan.—Probably not cultivated in this country.
45. Thibéticum, King. Lvs. 3, close together on the stem: labellum larger than in the preceding, and not depressed, brown-purple; petals pale brown; staminode oval-cordate, angled at the base. July. Sikkim.—Prob ably not in cultivation.
CC. Lower sepal litlle or not at all divided.

46. candidum, Muhl. Lvs. oblong-lanceolate: fls. terminal, solitary; sepals broader than the petals, ovate lanceolate; petals spreading like the sepals, greenish; labellum white, striped inside with purple; staminodium lanceolate. May and June. N. Y., Penn., Minn., Mo. and Ky.

47. pubésoens, Willd. Lvs. oval, acute: petals usually twisted, much narrower than the ovate lanceolate sepals; labellum pale yellow; staminodium
triangular. Same range as No. 49. May and June. B.M. 911, as O. parviflorum. A.G. 13:513. Mn. 7:5.
48. Calceolus, Linn. Fls. usually solitary; labellum yellow, slightly compressed, shorter than the lower sepal; sepals and petals deep, rich brown; staminodium
triangular. Yorkshire and other northern counties of Eng., Eu. R.H. 1892. p. 392. R.B. 21:210.
49. parviflorum, Salisb. Lvs. ovate, acute: fls. smaller than in C. pubescens; labellum flattened from above and below, not laterally, bright yellow; staminodium triangular. May and June. Newfoundland to Gn., west to Minn. and E. Kane. A.G. 13:515.
50. spectabile, Swartz. Fig. 650. Plants stout: lvs. oval, acute: sepals ovate, rather roundish, white; petals oblong, white; labellum white or pale pink-purple;
staminodium oval-cordate. June. Maine, western New Eng. to Minn. and Mo., mountains of N. Car. R.H. l868:410. Gn. 53, p. 77. R.B. 20, p. 198. A.F'.11:l048. Gng. 4:262, 327.
51. maoranthon, Swartz. Lvs. oblong, acute: fls. purple, not spotted ; upper sepal oblong, acute ; lower sepal smaller; petals ovate-lanccolate; labellum contracted at the aperture. Moist, shady places, northern Asia, Siberia. R.H. 1877:1310.
52. Californicum, Gray. Plants either slender or stout, varying in height, sometimes exceeding 2ft.: lvs. ovate alternate: floral bracts very large, becoming narrowly ovate: fls. small, from 6-12 open at the same time, an
inch or more apart on the stem; labellum whitish; sepals oval, yellowish green; petals narrowly oblong, colored like the sepals. Calif. B.M. 7188 O.F. 1:281

53. montanum, Dougl. One to 2 ft., leafy, pubescent: lvs. ovate to broad-lanceolate, 4-6 in. long: fls. 1-3, short-pedlcelled, the wavy-twisted petals brownish, the inch-long lip dull white veined with purple; capsule erect or nearly so. Calf. to Wash. B.M. 7319-Fragrant. Grows in clumps. Handsome.

54. Irapeanum, Llave et Lex. Lvs. ovate-lanceolate: fls. large, several, sepals and petals about equal ; labellum very large, much inflated. suggesting the inflated petal of a Calceolaria. Mex.—This species has not as yet been successfully cultivated.
Supplementary list, comprising hybrid Cypripedinms ( for
catalogues of hybrids, see G.C. Ill. 17:199 and A.G. 16: 118): An-is= Lawrenceanum X iusigne. var. Maulsl.— Adraatus=
Leeanum X villosum. var. Boxallii. — Alcidn = insigue X hir sntissimum.— Alfred Hollington = ciliolam X Philippinense.— Allanianum= Spicerianum X Curtisii.— .4 lm um = harbatumX Lnwrenceanum. — Amamimn = insigne X venustnm. — Arman" anum = villosurn X vennatum (see .\Ieasnresianum).— Apica lamm = barbatum X villosum, var. B0xnllii.— A rtemi: == Day anum X Swanianum. — Arthurionum = insigne X Fairieanum.

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