Leguminosle. About 60 species of trees, shrubs,or climbers, belonging to tropical regions all over the
world. One species only introduced to South California, and most likely to prove of great interest as a timber tree. Experiments in Egypt have shown its most remarkable property of standing severe droughts, as well as submersion for a long period. Leaves alternate, odd-pinnate, without stipules. Flowers can be small, numerous, purple, violet or white, in forking cymes or irregular cyme-like panicles.

The Sissoo tree is worth trial in nearly frost-less districts, especially along sandy river banks. It improves sterile lands. The wood is very elastic, seasons well, does not warp or split, is easily worked, and takes a fine polish. It is also a durable wood for boats. The tree is
raised easily from seeds or cuttings, and is of quick growth. The demand is greater than the supply in India, and the tree is cultivated for timber. (F. von Mueller, Extra Trop. Plants.) Other species of Dalbergia are of economic value.