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Daphniphyllum macropodum


What is Daphniphyllum?

Daphniphyllum is a flowering plants genus named in 1826. It belongs to the Daphniphyllaceae family. The evergreen trees and shrubs are native to New Guinea and southeast and east Asia, including India.

The plants under the genus have female and male flowers on different shrubs or trees, making them dioecious plants. Certain Lepidoptera larvae species such as Engrailed consume Daphniphyllum species

Daphniphyllum Etymology

Initially, the genus belonged to the Euphorbiaceae plant family. In Greek, the word 'Daphniphyllum' means a laurel leaf. The genus consists of about 15 species of oriental trees. They're often sold by dealers in Japanese plants and rarely cultivated.

Daphniphyllum Description

Related plants have no significant horticultural value. The trees feature alternate, leathery leaves. They're also feather-veined and narrow with two axillary racemes. They have minute or no bracts and flowers without petals. The fruits come in the form of olive-shaped drupes.

Daphniphyllum macropodum fruits


Daphniphyllum Species

  • Daphniphyllum pentandrum
  • Daphniphyllum majus
  • Daphniphyllum alkaloids
  • Daphniphyllum teysmannii
  • Daphniphyllum humile
  • Daphniphyllum neilgherrense
  • Daphniphyllum oldhamii
  • Daphniphyllum glaucescens
  • Daphniphyllum gracile
  • Daphniphyllum calycinum
  • Daphniphyllum himalayense
  • Daphniphyllum macropodum
  • Daphniphyllum celebense
  • Daphniphyllum paxianum
  • Daphniphyllum dichotomum

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