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Delphinium (Larkspur)

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Delphinium (Larkspur)

(From the Greek name for the plant, ddphinion derived from delphin, a dolphin, from a supposed resemblance in the flower) Delphinium "Belladonna" English Names: Hybrid larkspur, Belladonna larkspur.

Curiously shaped, vivid sky-blue flowers, an inch and a half wide, with pure white centres, borne in graceful stalky spikes about twelve inches long on leafy stems from two to four feet high. Foliage finely cut and decorative. One of the best of the hybrid Delphiniums (though rather low-growing), on account of the sturdiness of the plant, its early and long blos soming season, and the very beautiful color of the flower. Invaluable for the herbaceous border or for massing againstshrubbery.

Excellent for cutting. A perfectly hardy perennial of easy culture, will thrive in any good garden soil in sun or partial shade, but does best in a deep, rich, sandy loam, exposed to the sun. Propagate by seed, cuttings, or by division; will Moom the first year from seed sown indoors in February or March, or following year from seed sown outdoors in August.

All members of the genus Delphinium are toxic to humans and livestock.

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