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Dianella Plant

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Dianella Plant

Dianella tasmanica

Tangopaso, Parc Gonzalez - Dianella tasmanica, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


What is Dianella Plant?

Dianella is a genus of monocotyledonous flowering plants. Also known as flax lilies, the plants belong to the Hemerocallidaceae family. Asphodelaceae and another plant family were combined into the Hemerocallidaceae family. Dianella plants are native to Australia, India, Japan, Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

The plants have shiny berries ranging in color from purple to blue, atop having attractive foliage. More than 40 plant species are categorized under the plants genus. Dianella ensata, also known as Dianella ensifolia, is a species under the same genus. The genus is related to Herpolirion and Thelionema.

Dianella Plant Description

Featuring leaves that grow up to one meter long, Dianella is an underground rhizome. It flowers in spring to produce blue flowers with three sepals and petals each. The prominent stems are yellow and leaves range in color from blue-green to pale-green.

The elongated or spherical, shiny berries can grow up to 5cm in diameter. They feature shiny black seeds and spongy flesh. Nearly all Dianellas are perennials; they feature gass-like leaves and develop tufts. They also have jointed stems with opposite leaves and terminal flowers.

The plant genus was named after the mythical sylvan hunting goddess, 'diminutive of Diana.'

Dianella Cultivation

Dianella plants can be propagated using rhizomes or through division. They grow in the USDA hardiness zones 8, 9 and 10. The plants are tolerant to drought, frost and salt.

The evergreen plants thrive in well-drained soils and require medium water to grow. Other growth requirements include partly shade to full sun, moderate fertilizer and temperatures of 100 F to 200 F.

Dianella sandwicensis


Dianella Varieties

Some popular Dianella plant species include the following:

  • Dianella javanica
  • Dianella nigra
  • Dianella brevicaulis
  • Dianella amoena
  • Dianella congesta
  • Dianella boliviana
  • Dianella prunina
  • Dianella rara
  • Dianella caerulea
  • Dianella ensifolia
  • Dianella pendula
  • Dianella revoluta

Dianella Uses

Dianella plants are often dense with beautiful, showy fruits and flowers, and attractive foliage. Therefore, they're grown as ornamental plants in landscapes and gardens. Some species such as Dianella congesta are nutty and sweet, making them edible.

Dianella sandwicensis Blue Berries


Indigenous Australians also use Dianella plant leaves to weave baskets and dillies. The mulch plants make exceptional container plants. You can grow them in your garden, patio or even indoors.

Check out our raised garden beds to start out your Dianella garden or fabric planter grow bag for easy placement of your plants at desired positions in your garden or patio.

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