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Diervilla (Bush Honeysuckle)

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Diervilla (Bush Honeysuckle)

(after Dierville, a French surgeon, who took D. Lonicera to Europe early in the eighteenth century). Caprilolidceze. WElGELA. Shrubs of spreading habit, with more or less arching branches, and, especially the Asiatic species, with very showy fls. from pure white to dark crimson, appearing late in spring. Lvs. opposite, petioled, serrate: fls. in 1 to several-fld. axillary cymes, often panicled at the end of the branches, yellowish white, pink or crimson, epigynous; calyx 5-parted; corolla tubular or campanulate, 5-lobed, some times slightly 2-lipped; stamens 5: fr. a slender, 2-celled capsule, with numerous minute seeds.

About 10 species in E.Asia and N. Amer. They thrive in any common humid garden soil, the Amer. species preferring moist and partly shaded positions. The Asiatic species require protection north during the winter, or sheltered positions. Prop. readily by greenwood cuttings or hardwood cuttings; the Amer. species usually by suckers and by seeds sown in spring.

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