African Daisy/Dimorphotheca ecklonis Flowers

African Daisy/Dimorphotheca ecklonis Flowers

What is Dimorphotheca?

Dimorphotheca is a plants genus native to Australia and Africa. It belongs to the sunflower family. Found in Southern Africa in all sorts of varieties, it is one of the eight Calenduleae genera. They can be cross-bred with Osteospermum and used as ornamental plants.

Obtained from the Greek words 'Dis' 'Theka' and 'Morphe', Dimorphotheca means a 'two-shaped fruit'. It's an attribute of the Calenduleae plants known as dimorphic cypselae. The plants produce bisexual flowers and vary in size and shape.

Dimorphotheca Description

DimorGreek, two-formed receptacle, entails disk florets of two kinds. Composite. A charming genus of plants from the Cape of Good Hope where they're almost totally neglected.

It is because the climatic conditions of that wonderful region are not generally understood. This genus contains about 20 species, some of which rival the Paris Daisy and others vie with Cinerarias.

Dimorphotheca Garden

Dimorphotheca Flowers

The plants are annual or perennial herbs, or even somewhat shrubby. The leaves alternate, atop being radical, toothed or incised and often narrow. The heads are long-peduncled and flowers available in yellow, orange, purple or white colors. Disk flowers come in same colors except white.

The genus is closely allied to Calendula, but has straight seeds. The flowers are usually close up, like those of Gazania, unless they have access to sufficient sunlight. Their backs are in a variety of coloring as their faces.

Dimorphotheca Species

Some popular Dimorphotheca plant species include the following:

  • Dimorphotheca sinuata
  • Dimorphotheca jucunda
  • Dimorphotheca ecklonis
  • Dimorphotheca pluvialis
  • Dimorphotheca fruticosa
  • Dimorphotheca cuneata
  • Dimorphotheca sinuata African daisy
  • Dimorphotheca aurantiaca

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