DIPHYLLEIA (Greek, double leaf). Berberidaceae UMBRELLA Leaf. An interesting hardy perennial herb with thick, creeping, jointed, knotty rootstocks, sending up each either a huge peltate, cut-lobed, umbrella-like, radical leaf on a stout stalk, or a flowering stem bearing two similar (but smaller and more 2-cleft) alternate lvs., which are peltate near one margin, and a terminal cyme of white fls.: sepals 6, fugacious: petals and stamens 6 : ovules 5 or 6 : berries globose, few seeded. This is one of many genera having only 2 species, one of which is found in N. E. North America, the other in Japan. There is a wonderful similarity between the floras of these 2 regions, and few areas have produced so many plants esteemed in cultivation.