(Greek, two anthers; the third being imperfect). Iriddcerz. Only 2 species of tender plants from Australia and Tasmania. They belong to the same subtribe with our native Blue-eyed Grass, Sisyrinchium. Rhizomes short: stems terminal, erect. simple or some what branched: lvs. in a tuft, narrow, rigid, acumiuate, equitant: spatheterminal, rigid, acuminate: fls. whitish; perianth without any tube over the ovary; segments un
equal, inner ones shorter, conniveut: upper stamen im perfect. This plant is advertised in the American edi tion of a Dutch bulb dealer's catalogue.
llorba, Labill. Stems 1%-2 ft. long, with a single terminal cluster, and several sheathing bract.-: lvs. 6-8
in a tuft, 1-1% ft. long, %-}6 in. wide: spathes cylindri
cal, 2-3 fld., 2 in. long.