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Disopyros Texana

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Disopyros Texana

Texana, Scheele (D. Mezicdna, Scheele MS.). Small tree, intricately branched, rarely to 40 ft.: lvs. cuneate, oblong or obovate, pubescent below, 1-2 in. long: fls. with the lvs., pubescent, on branches of the previous year, staminate with 16 stamens, pistillate with 4 pubescent styles, connate at the base: fr. black, 3/4-1 in. in diam. Spring. Tex.; N. Mex. S.S. 6:254. D. Ebénum-, Koenig. Tree, to 50 ft.: lvs. elliptic-oblong, bluntly acuminate. glabrous: fls. white, staminate, in short racemes. E. Ind., Ceylon. For cult. in hothouses or tropical climates. This species is said to yield the best ebony. 

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