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Named after Joseph Dombey, (1742-1193), French botanist and companion of Ruiz and Pavon in Peru and Chile. Sterculidceu. About 24 species of shrubs or small trees of minor importance from Africa or Madagascar. Leaves: often cordate, palmately curved flowers: rosy or white, numerous, in loose axillary or terminal cymes or crowded into dense heads; calyx '5-parted, persistent; petals 5; stamens 15-20, 5 sterile, the rest shorter: ovary 3-5-celled. 

Natalénsis, Sond. Distinguished by its cordate, acute leaves. and the narrowly awl-shaped leaflets of the involucre. Leaves. long, petioled, somewhat angular, toothed, with minute stellate pube-sconce, 5-7-ribbed: umbels 4-8-fld. Natal.—Cultivated in S. Fla. and north under glass.

"Very rapid growing, foliage poplar-like: flowers, pure white, large, sweet-scented; a very good winter blooming plant." --Franceschi

D. acutangula: Height 9 ft. Leaves: giabnous, heart-shaped, long-acuminate, serrate, deeply 3-5-lobed or cleft. Flowers: few, large, pink, in compact, forking corymbs. Mauritius. 

D.Burgessiae, Gerrard. Leaves: pubescent, cordate, but with 2 deep, wide cuts, and 2 shallow ones besides the basal one. Flowers: numerous, large, white, rosy at center and along veins; petals rounded. S. Africa. 

D. Mastersii, Hook. Shrub, 4-5 ft. high. Leaves: velvety, heart shaped, serrated. Flowers: fragrant, white. with thinner veins of rose than in D. Burgessiae; petals acute. Trop. 

D. vibumillbrn, 1301. Has very numerous white flowers with narrower petals than any here described. Leaves: cordate, 3-lobed, the cuts not as wide as in D. Burgessiae.

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