Dragon Plants

The Dragon Arum, Dragon Root or Green Dragon, is the native Arisaema Dracontium. The Dragon Plant of Europe is Drucmmalam vulgaris. The Dragon’s Head is not an Aroid, but a Dracocephalum, a genus of mints. False Dragon's Head is Physostegia. The Dragon's Blood of commerce is a dark red, astringent, resinous secretion of the fruits of a palm, Daemonorops Draco. Other kinds of Dragon's Blood are produced by Dracaena Draco and Ecastaphyllum Monetaria. "Sticks,” "reeds," “tears " and “lumps” of Dragon’s Blood are known to commerce. The resin is used in coloring varnishes, dyeing horn in imitation of tortoise shell, and in the composition of tooth-powders and various tinctures.