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Drynaria (Basket Ferns)

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Drynaria (Basket Ferns)
DRYNARIA (Greek, oak-like). Polypodidceaz. A genus of 10 or more East Indian ferns, with round naked sori, allied to Polypodium, but with a fine net-work of veins, with free included veinlets, and with either a separate oak-like leaf or with the lower portion of the spur-bearing leaf deeply pinnatitid like an oak leaf. D.quercflolis, with two sorts of lvs.. the spore-bearing 2—3 ft. long, is the commonest species. D. rigidula, SW. (D. diversifoliu, R. Br.), a similar but larger species from the same region, also appeared at one time in the American trade, but the species are seldom seen in cultivation in this country. D. muslrfolia is occasionally seen in fine collections, where it is grown for its striking, simple foliage, which reminds one of the Bird's Nest Fern (ThamnopteriDBs). it is really a Poiypodium, which see for description.

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