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Ferula (Giant Fennel)

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Ferula (Giant Fennel)

(possibly the stems were anciently used as ferules). Umbelliferae. Giant Fennel. This large genus includes 2 hardy herbs, which are, perhaps, the tallest plants cult. for ornament in this large (but from the garden standpoint unimportant) order.

They are valued for the excessive fineness with which their foliage is cut, and their clusters of perhaps 40–50 umbels of minute yellow flowers. borne on stout stems, which rise far above the foliage.

F. Tingitāna, Linn., from N. Africa, has leaves. 4 times ternately pinnatisect, somewhat glaucous. B.M. 7267. The common error that it comes from Spain goes back to Morison, 1680. Lindley originated the false notion that this plant is the source of gum ammoniac. F. communis, Linn., from S. Eu., has deep green leaves, with more linear segments and more compact habit.

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