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(Greek, superb). Onagraceae. This includes several herbs which are distinct in appearance, but scarcely possess general garden value, though they are pleasant incidents in the hardy border of those who like native plants. The bloom ascends the slender racemes too slowly to make the plants as showy as possible.

The best kind is G. Lindheimeri, which has white flowers. of singular appearance, with rosy calyx tubes. Gaura is a genus of 20–25 species of annual and perennial herbs confined to the warmer regions of N. America.: leaves. alternate, sessile or stalked, entire, dentate, or sinuate: flowers. white or rose, in spikes or racemes; calyx tube deciduous, obconical, much prolonged beyond the ovary, with 4 reflexed lobes; petals clawed; stamens mostly 8, with a small scale-like appendage before the base of each filament; stigma 4-lobed, surrounded by a ring or cup-like border: flower. nut-like, 3-4-ribbed, finally 1-celled, and 1-4-seeded.

Gauras are easily propagated by seed. They prefer light soils, and the seedlings can be transplanted directly into permanent quarters.

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