DC. Tsnsoaarn Paaxr. From 2-3 ft. high, with 3 oblong or elliptic leaflets, the small lateral ones (which are almost linear) moving in various directions
when the temperature is congenial, and especially in the sunshine : fls. purple or violet, in a many-fld. panic. 5. Asia. Grown occasionally as a curiosity, particularly in botanical collections. See Darwin's Power of Movement in Plants, and various botanical treatises, for fuller accounts. Desmodium gyrnns is of tolerably easy culture. It requires stove temperature, and, although a perennial, it is best treated as an annual. The best method of propagation is by seeds. These should be sown in Feb
ruary in a light, sandy soil, in 4-in. pots, and placed in a
warm, close atmosphere, where they will soon germi nate. The seedlings should be potted singly into small pots as soon as large enough to handle, and be grown on as rapidly as possible, using a mixture of good, fibrous loam and leaf soil in about equal proportions. By mid summer they will be bushy plants, and, though not showy, they will be very interesting.
L. H. B. and EDWARD