Don. Tree, attaining 125 ft.: lvs. linear-subulate, compressed and slightly 4- or 3- angled, bluish green, 1/2-1 in. long: cone brown ish red, 3/4--1 in. across. S.Z. 124. R. H. 1887, p. 392. Gng. 4:197. F.E. 10:510. G.F. 6: 446. Of the garden forms, the most desirable is var. elegans, Beissn. ( C. elegans,Veitch). Low, dense tree, with horizontal branches and pendulous branchlets: lvs. linear, flattened, soft, spreading, longer than in the type, bright green, changing to bronzy red in fall and winter. Very handsome when young, but short-living. Var. araucaroides, Carr. Of regular pyramidal habit, with short, thick fulcate lvs., resembling Araucaria excelsa. Var. compacta, Hort. Of very compact habit, with bluish green foliage. Var. Lobbi, Carr. Of compact habit, with shorter and more appressed bright and deep green lvs. Var. nana, Knight. Dwarf and procumbent, densely branched form; adapted for rockeries. Var. spiralis, Veitch. Slender shrub, with strongly falcate lvs., twisted spirally around the branchlets. S.Z. 124, Fig. 4. 

Alfred Rehder.