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Don. Tree, attaining 125 ft.: lvs. linear-subulate, compressed and slightly 4- or 3- angled, bluish-green, 1/2-1 in. Long: cone brown ish red, 3/4--1 in. Across. S.Z. 124. R. H. 1887, p. 392. Gng. 4:197. F.E. 10:510. G.F. 6: 446. Of the garden forms, the most desirable is var. elegans, Beissn. ( C. elegans,Veitch). Low, dense tree, with horizontal branches and pendulous branchlets: lvs. linear, flattened, soft, spreading, longer than in the type, bright green, changing to bronzy red in fall and winter.

Very handsome when young, but short-living. Var. araucaroides, Carr. Of regular pyramidal habit, with short, thick fluctuate lvs., resembling Araucaria excelsa. Var. compacta, Hort. Of very compact habit, with bluish-green foliage. Var. Lobbi, Carr. Of compact habit, with shorter and more appressed bright and deep green lvs. Var. nana, Knight. Dwarf and procumbent, densely branched form; adapted for rockeries. Var. spiralis, Veitch. Slender shrub, with strongly falcate lvs., twisted spirally around the branchlets.

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