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Cofea Liberica

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Cofea Liberica

Hiern. LIBERIAN Coffee. Lvs. longer than in C. Arabica, and wider above the middle, with portionately shorter and less abruptly contracted point: fls. 15 or more in a dense cluster; corolla segments usu ally 7. Trop. Air. Trans. Linn. Soc. II. 1:171 (1876). G.C. II. 6:105. R.H. 1890, pp. 104, !05.—Said to be more robust and productive than C. Arabica, with berries larger and of finer flavor. It is a more tropical plant than the common Coflee, and can be grown at much lower levels. "it is a small tree, similar in general to 0. Arabica, but of more vigorous and upright habit, and larger in all its parts. Lvs. 6-12 in. long: corolla 6-8 parted: berries dull crimson, larger, more numerous, and more nearly spherical than those of most forms of C. Airabica. In its native forests in W . Afr. it attains a height of 30 ft. or more, and flourishes near sea level. Owing to its greater size, vigor and productiveness, it is now being extensively planted in coffee -growing regions, particularly in the E. Ind., where it has been found resistant to a rust fungus, Hemileia vastatrix, which had destroyed the plantations of 0. Arabica. In cultivation, both species are pruned low to facilitate the picking of the berries."— 0. F. Cook. '

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