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In most plants, lack of magnesium does not show up until 
considerable growth has been made. So much of this element 
is contained in the seeds that the seedlings are independent 
of outside supplies for quite a long period of time. Some crops 
can reproduce from the original magnesium content of their 
seed if the seedlings are not allowed to make too much vegeta- 
tive growth. The chief deficiency symptom of this element is 
found in a high ratio of roots to leaves and stalks. The root 
system is of more than normal size. A moderate excess of magnesium produces foliage a little 
greener and larger than is normal. When the excess becomes 
great, however, the leaves become smaller than average, though 
they retain their green color. The tips of the leaves may wilt 
and die if they are exposed to hot weather.

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