Thunb. Shrub, to6 ft.: lvs. all petioled, ovate toovate-lanceolate, rounded at the base, crenate-dentate, with rough pubescence on both sides, dull green, 1-3 in. long: panicles erect, 2-4 in. long: fls. white or blushed, with erect petals; calyx lobes deciduous. June, July. Japan, China. S.Z. 6. B.M. 3838. B.R.20:l718. S.B.F.G. II.-4:393. A.G. 18: 356. \'ar.ang'usti!olia,Voss. Branches reddish brown: lvs. ovate-lanceolate, rougher. Var.crenatl-, Voss (D. vrwndta, Sieb. & Zucc.). Branches brown: lvs. ovate or oblong-ovate, less rough. This less common in cultivation than the former. Var.marmorata, Hort. Lvs. spotted with yellowish white.
Var. plena, Maxim. With double fls. R.H.1867:70. F.S. 17:l799; 18:18.30. I.H. 1l:389.—Cult. in diflerent forms
as Camlidisslmn, with pure white double fls. (A.F. 6:263. J.H.1lI. 34:153. G.C. ll. l8:173); Prldeof Roches ter, with very large white double fls.; Purpurea Plena,
double outside purplish ; Watererl, with large double
fls., tinged rose.