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Phlox Stolonifera

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Phlox Stolonifera

Phlox stolonifera


What is Phlox Stolonifera?

Also known as spreading bent, carpet bent grass, creeping bentgrass, redtop, fiorin or creeping bent. They're perennial, stoloniferous plants. Native to some parts of Canada and Pennsylvania, the plant thrives in woodlands with some naturalized populations.

It has pink, pale purple or white flowers with diameters of up to 2.5cm. The plant has yellow stamens and a corolla with five lobes on stems up to 25cm in height. On the other hand, Agrostis stolonifera grows up to one meter in height. Unlike Phlox subulata flowers, Phlox stolonifera doesn't have a color band at the center.

The plant is typical of creeping stems growing up to 4.5cm in length and has ovate leaves. It belongs to the Poaceae species of plant family.

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