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Cytisus cessilifolius

Jeffdelonge, Cytisus sessilifolius, CC BY-SA 3.0

 What is Cytisus?

Cytisus is a genus of flowering plants made up of about 50 species. It is native to western Asia, Europe and north Africa. It belongs to the Fabaceae family of flowering plants and Faboideae subfamily. It's categorized under the brooms genera under the Genisteae tribe.

The low shrubs produce highly-fragrant and brightly-colored flowers that resemble peas. The plants are a type of leguminous clover and rarely small trees. The leaves are trifoliolate or unifoliolate in some species. The plants are persistent or deciduous with alternate leaves.

Cytisus plants sometimes feature leafless branches or a few, small leaves. They produce papilionaceous flowers in terminal heads, axillary or racemes.

Cytisus Species

Some popular Cytisus species include the following:

  • Cytisus arboreus
  • Cytisus filipes
  • Cytisus villosus
  • Cytisus ingramii
  • Cytisus ardoinii
  • Cytisus glabratus
  • Cytisus maurus
  • Cytisus transiens
  • Cytisus valdesii

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