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Dioclea Plant

Dioclea Plant

Dioclea grandiflora


What is Dioclea?

Dioclea is a flowering plant genus. It is native to America and belongs to the Fabaceae family of peas. Rivers disperse Dioclea seeds, often referred to as buoyant drift seeds. The plants are categorized under legumes.

Dioclea Description

Dioclea plant was named after Diocles Carytius, an ancient with great plant knowledge. He was as good as the Hippocrates when it came to plants. The legume genus is made up of about 16 plant varieties of shrub twiners. The tender plants feature delicate trifolilate leaves.

The Dioclea flowers are almost an inch long, ranging from violet and blue to white or scarlet. A cluster of flowers is comparable to Wisteria. The Calyx is shaped in the form of a bell. The lobes are narrow and short, with wider width than the length.

The top pod surface is thick and has two wings. Dioclea S. Calif has shiny foliage, grows moderately and is usually cut. Dioclea flowers bud in clusters of at least 10 within a scarlet.

Dioclea violacea


Dioclea Species

Some popular Dioclea varieties are as follows:

  • Dioclea grandiflora
  • Dioclea virgata
  • Dioclea umbrina
  • Dioclea guianensis
  • Dioclea huberi
  • Dioclea bicolor
  • Dioclea aurea
  • Dioclea erecta

Grow Dioclea at Home

If you want to beautify your garden with multiple colors, Dioclea is a perfect addition to any home garden. Browse our collection of gardening tools for the right product to till your garden.

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