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Diphylleia (Skeleton Flower)

Diphylleia (Skeleton Flower)


White Diphylleia Cymosa Flowers

White Diphylleia Cymosa Flowers

What is Diphylleia?

Diphylleia is a genus of small perennial herbs. It's also known as the skeleton flower or umbrella leaf, and belongs to the Berberidaceae family. It's native to eastern Asia and the eastern regions of the U.S. The term is a Greek word for double leaf. One of the species under the genus, Diphylleia grayi, becomes transparent when it gets into contact with water or it rains.

Diphylleia Description

Diphylleia is an interesting hardy perennial herb with thick, creeping root stocks. The stocks are also jointed and knotty, with huge peltate, cut-lobed, leaves. The umbrella-like, radical leaves grow on stout stalks, or a flowering stem that bears two similar (but smaller and more 2-cleft) alternate leaves.

The leaves are also peltate near one margin, and feature a terminal cyme of white flowers. Each fugacious flower has six sepals and six stamens. They also feature 5 to 6 ovules and globose berries with only a few having seeds. Diphylleia is one of many genera with only 3 species; one of which is found in northeastern parts of North America.

Other Diphylleia cultivars are native to Japan. There is a wonderful similarity between the floras of these two regions, and a few areas that have produced so many plants esteemed in cultivation.

Diphylleia Varieties

The three species under this genus include the following:

Grow Diphylleia at Home

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