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Diplarrena (Native Lily, Butterfly Flag)

Diplarrena (Native Lily, Butterfly Flag)

Diplarrena moraea

White Diplarrena moraea flowers


What is Diplarrena?

Diplarrena is a flowering plant's genus native to Australia. It has been misspelled Diplarrhena since 1873. It belongs to the Iridaceae family of iris plants. It is also known as native lily or butterfly flag.

Diplarrena Etymology

The term was borrowed from the Greek words 'diploos' and 'arren', meaning double and male, respectively.

Diplarrena Description

Plants under the genus feature only a couple of functional stamens. However, other plants genus sharing the same family feature three stamens. The plants have short rhizomes.

The tufted perennial herbs feature straight, basal, flat leaves throughout the year. A few leaves grow along the plant's erect stem. The green terminal spathe buds flowers. The plants are zygomorphic (takes the shape of a yoke) despite resembling the iris.

The plant's style has two branches that resemble threads. It also features white tepals, outer components of flowers, as in the case of marigolds.

Diplarrena Species

  • Diplarrena moraea
  • Diplarrena latifolia
  • Amethyst Fairy

Grow Diplarrena at Home

Consider our grow bags to grow your Diplarrena seeds or seedlings if you want to add the plant to your existing garden.

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