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Dracocephalum - Dragonhead

Dracocephalum - Dragonhead


Dracocephalum aka Dragonhead

What is Dracocephalum?

Dracocephalum is a genus of flowering plants with about 60 to 70 plant species. It belongs to the flowering plants family Lamiaceae. Also known as dragonhead, Dracocephalum is native to the Northern Hemispheres's temperate regions.

The perennials and annual herbaceous sub-shrubs or plants that grow up to 90 cm in height. Dragon's head is from the wide-open mouths of the flowers. This genus contains a few hardy herbaceous perennial plants of the mint family, with easy culture and of minor importance.

The whorls of flowers are distant or crowded into spikes or heads. The flowers range in color from blue to shades of purple. The genus has 30 species from Europe out of all the Dracocephalum varieties, especially in the Mediterranean region and outside the Asian tropics.

Uses of Dracocephalum

Dracocephalum plants have beautiful flowers. Therefore, they're grown for ornamental use in gardens.

Dracocephalum Varieties

Popular Dracocephalum species include the following:

  • Dracocephalum moldavica
  • Dracocephalum rupestre
  • Dracocephalum ruyschiana
  • Dracocephalum blue dragon
  • Dracocephalum kotschyi
  • Dracocephalum parviflorum (American dragonhead)
  • Dracocephalum grandiflorum
  • Dracocephalum tanguticum
  • Dracocephalum heterophyllum

You can grow the beautiful plant in your garden alongside other garden plants to make your outdoor space more colorful and full of life.

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