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Glycinoides - Clematis glycinoides

Glycinoides - Clematis glycinoides

Clematis glycinoides


What is Glycinoides?

Also known as Clematis glycinoides or headache vine, Glycinoides is native to Australia, specifically Victoria, NSW and Queensland. It's also found in New Caledonia. The climbing shrub belongs to the Ranunculaceae family.

Clematis Glycinoides Etymology

The plant is commonly known as headache vine due to its use as a remedy for headaches. Clematis Glycinoides leaves are crushed and inhaled for their aromatic scent to relieve headache.

Glycinoides Description

The vine has a woody stem and can grow up to 15 meters long. Glycinoides leaves grow up to 12cm long and 8 cm in width. The have cream-white flowers that bloom between July and December with the peak flowering season in September.

The plants can be propagated through cuttings, seeds or suckers. They're also cold-resistance.

Glycinoides Species

  • C. glycinoides submutica
  • C. glycinoides glycinoides

Grow Glycinoides at Home

Looking to grow glycinoides in your home garden as an ornamental plant or for its headache-relieving benefits? Check out our gardening tools and supplies to order what you might need.

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