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Crinum Americanum (Florida Swamp Lily)

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Crinum Americanum  (Florida Swamp Lily)


White Crinum americanum Flowers

White Crinum americanum Flowers

What is Crinum americanum?

The Swamp Lily is a delicate plant native to Florida. It's an immersed plant with fragrance that grows in marshes, swamps and wet hammocks, among other wetlands. The plant also grows along streams and rivers within the State of Florida. It belongs to the Crinum genus and grows in the south-eastern U.S.

According to the University of Florida Gardening Solutions, Swamp Lily is also known as a string lily and is found in many gardens in the southern parts of the State.

Crinum americanum Description

The strap-like Swamp Lily leaves are erect or spread and can grow up to 3 feet long. Long flower stalks house bulbs from where Swamp Lily flowers sprout and bud. A stalk is separate from the leaves of the plant and can bud about 2 to 6 flowers.

The flower tubes are long and can grow up to 6 inches in length. Scented Swamp Lily flowers have six petals and can either be pink and white or white. The large capsule fruits have big, succulent seeds. The plant is often mistaken for spider lilies under the Hymenocallis genus.

However, the difference lies in the petals of the spider lily flowers having membranous tissues linking them to each other. On the contrary, flower petals of the Swamp Lily are independent.

Other Crinum Species

Other popular Crinum varieties include the following:

  • Crinum latifolium
  • Crinum moorei
  • Crinum thaianum
  • Crinum asiaticum
  • Crinum macowanii
  • Crinum viviparum
  • Crinum bulbispermum
  • Crinum pedunculatum

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