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Bloem Lawn & Patio Deep Sea Ariana Self Watering Planter, 8"
Bloem Lawn & Patio Tequillia Sunrise Ariana Self Watering Planter, 8"
Bloem Lawn & Patio Deep Sea Ariana Self Watering Planter, 8"


Ariana Self Watering Planter, 8"


Deep Sea
Tequillia Sunrise
  • Save you time by reducing watering frequency and provides a consistent water supply that helps plants thrive
  • The perfect solution for going on vacation and busy schedules
  • Potting mix is held above the water chamber and connected by small porous channels filled with soil which act as a water wick through the evaporation process
  • Top width 8.75" (x) base width 5" (x) 7" height
  • Matte finish is perfect for resisting scratches, dirt, and fingerprints
  • 100% UV stabilized polypropylene plastic ensures long-lasting color and withstands extreme weather conditions + BPA free
  • When to add drainage holes? While various kinds of plants have different drainage needs, few can tolerate sitting in stagnate water for extended periods. If exposed to intense periods of rainfall or storms, your soil may not be able to absorb or evaporate the water fast enough. When the pot is in an unsheltered location, we recommend punching out drainage holes.
  • The process is extremely quick and easy with the right tools. Flip pot upside down and locate areas marked “X” for recommended hole locations. Then punch out holes by using either a drill with a drill bit or a hammer and a nail. The process should only take a minute or two; then the pot will be ready to fill with potting soil and plants of your choice.