Plant Covers

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Size:32" x 44"

Get your shrubs and trees their much needed winter “jackets!” Green Valley winter plant covers assist plants in retaining heat over night and blunt frosty gusts of below-freezing winds. This heavier weight fabric is still breathable and permeable enough to let sunlight, water, and enough air through to your plant to protect without suffocating. Using the cover is easy, due in great part to its extra-wide opening; simply toss the cover over your plant, shimmy it down, and tighten the drawstring.

  • Insulates plants to retain heat and avoid frost during cold months.
  • Wide opening with drawstring feature allows for much easier use and removal.
  • Breathable fabric won’t suffocate plants OR block too much sunlight.
  • Keeps out bugs and other pests. Lightweight, reusable.
  • Perfect for shrubs or small trees (see size options).