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Writers & Editorial Guidelines - Green Valley Supply

Writers & Editorial Guidelines

Mercy Adhiambo Oginga


Mercy is a professional writer and editor with more than ten years of writing experience. Although she’s a versatile writer with exceptional research skills, gardening is close to her heart. Her love for gardening began at a young age. At only eight years, she planted her first garden of tomatoes.

It started as a joke because she just wanted to explore gardening and indulge in every aspect of the process. The harvest was overwhelming; her garden yielded so many tomatoes that she didn’t know what to do with all of them. She shared them with her friends and neighbors, and still had lots more left.

The experience ignited her passion for gardening even further. She studied Agriculture both at the elementary and high school level. It was always her best-performing subject, followed by Mathematics. Over the years, she got to plant even more demanding crops such as corn (maize), beans, carrots, cassava, sweet potatoes, yam and many more.

She’s also into home gardening practices, including kitchen and sack/box gardening. With the skills she developed through classwork and hands-on gardening, Mercy has everything it takes to be an experienced gardener. With constant research, she keeps abreast with emerging gardening technologies and trends in the global market.

She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Technology. However, her passion for gardening saw her change career to become a freelance writer, something she’s done for more than a decade now. Her only dream is to own a farm someday and delve more into gardening but on a larger scale.

Mercy loves sharing her gardening skills through writing whenever she can. When not writing, she researches the internet, tends to her kitchen garden or spends time with her daughter. She’s a single mother, with a beautiful, adorable daughter aged 8. She’s never been married and open to a relationship with a Prince Charming (if he exists) from any part of the globe.

You can contact her here.